I am loving The Green Coffee Bean diet

2-bottles-pure-super-green-coffee-bean-extract-800mg-double-strength-and-raspberry-ketones-2x-60-caps-bundle-strongest-combo-on-amazon_3306_500Hello Everyone! Well it is day five and I have already lost two pounds. I have to admit, I didn’t think it was going to be this easy. No real dietary change and no more exercise has been added to my daily routine and no side effects. The one thing you MUST remember for the Green Coffee Bean diet to be successful, you must take the pill thirty (30) minutes before any meal.  Like I said on the home page I started off 276 and I am now down to 274. At this pace I will be at my goal of 225 in no time.

I have many reasons for wanting loose weight.  Here are just a few reasons why.

Reason number 1, I want to loose weight is my amazing wife. She still has the same energy and vigor that she had when I married her 30 years ago. She wakes up at 6 am every morning and doesn’t stop until late in the night. She is fit, healthy and filled with energy. I want to grow old and die with her in my arms. So I need to loose weight to make sure our life together is a long and happy one. Not only that, she came home the other day with some very nice shoes that are very pretty on her but very high. I want to be healthy enough to catch her if she falls. Here is a picture. I am committed to the Green Coffee Bean diet.912043_10200555813313781_186626674_n

Reason number 2, I just don’t feel like myself. I have no energy and I huff and puff with the slightest amount of exertion. I have two businesses that need my constant attention and I just feel that I cannot give them 100% any longer. As everyone knows and absentee owner leads to a failed business and I refuse to let that happen. I am committed to the Green Coffee Bean diet.

Reason number 3, My family consists of five four legged babies. God only knows what would happen to them if I was no longer around. Who would take care of them? Nobody can love our babies like my wife and I do. They sleep with us, who else would let five dogs sleep in bed with them. I cannot bear to think what would happen or where they would end up. I am committed to the Green Coffee Bean diet.

I will be consistently blogging about my progress on the Green Coffee Bean diet. So keep reading, post comments and let me know how the Green Coffee Bean diet has worked for you.

Green Coffee Bean diet.

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