No Side Effects with Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean, No Side EffectsIn my life I have tried many diets. When I was young, I was active so there was no need to do any sort of diet. But then I became disabled with a back injury while I was enlisted. Of course when you add age to the equation then loosing weight is much more difficult, let alone staying at a health weight. Here on some of the diets I have tried and what side effects they had and why they ultimately failed.

I was released from the military in 1994 and the big one back then was the beginning of the Akins diet. Which let me tell you was the best tasting diet I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The premise for that diet back then is similar to what is toted today. With the Akins diet, you cut out carbs, starch and sugar altogether. No rice, potatoes, bread, fruit etc. The only thing you consumed was meat and dairy. Well since then, we have found that humans really NEED fiber in their diet or the digestive system will slow down causing issues of constipation and belly aches. Needless to say, that diet didn’t last, although I did loose weight, it wasn’t worth the side effects, like heart attacks.

The next one I tried was the Raw Vegan Diet. If you are not familiar with the Raw Vegan Diet it is raw plant food that has not been cooked. Well this one was a total opposite of the Akins diet. I am not so fond of vegetables, but I thought I would give it s shot. It didn’t last long. I guess some fresh and raw vegetables can contain ecoli. I got very sick from eating alfalfa sprouts and that was the end of that diet.Green Coffee Bean, No Side Effects

Then I tried the Dukan diet. I had read amazing things about this diet. From what I read, it was the best of both worlds a little carbs, meats, dairy and vegetables. Although it was still a high protein, low carb diet, it gave me the energy to do the exercise I needed to loose the unwanted pounds. As I was exercising one day, I was watching the news and they were talking about the Dukan Diet. They were on the topic of  the side effects of the Dukan diet which consists of kidney failure, kidney stones, unhealthy ketosis and cancer. No diet was worth those risks. So another diet fallen to the waste side.

The last one I tried before the Green Coffee Bean diet was HCG. Now, I tried HCG when it first came out and the only type of HCG then were the injections. The diet was VERY strict. Only 500 calories a day and the shot was suppose to stop you from being hungry. It really did work. I did the whole 40 days and lost 35 pounds. I was felling pretty good about myself. Well as HCG totes that it resets your metabolism, it doesn’t or didn’t warn me that if you eat the way you used to, you will gain it ALL back and then some. Frustrated, I found the Green Coffee Bean.

Now I am onto the Green Coffee Bean diet and I am loving it. No side effects, no weird food plans, no starvation and if you want no exercise. Although if you want to get the full effect of the Green Coffee Bean a little exercise is recommended.




Green Coffee Bean, No Side Effects

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  1. Susan says:

    I have tried both the HCG and Green Coffe Bean diets, I must say that the HCG diet did work for me but it is a little hard to eat only 500 calories a day. Then I did the Green Coffee Bean diet but stopped when I was going out of town and forgot my pills.

    Best of luck on the diet! :)

  2. Heather says:

    At this time I am going to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming again to read more news.

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