Are you ready for the Green Coffee Bean Challenge?

My Green Coffee Bean Extract

First, I watched a video someone captured featuring Dr Oz talking about Green Coffee Bean Extract and I was impressed so I started reading a little more about this green coffee bean. And these are the reasons I started Green Coffee Bean Challenge. I use Green Coffee Bean Max , read below why I use it.

Destroys Body Glucose and Burns Fat


Glucose comes from Food that contains carbohydrate like starch, sugar, rice, pasta, bread and cakes.

You know, all those foods you’re not supposed to eat if you are on the Adkins diet or a diabetic.

By the way, I am not a doctor so go see your’s first before you start this stuff.

Reduces Hypertension


Hypertension is a fancy word for high blood pressure! No, that is not me in the picture and  I don’t smoke.

Being overweight, smoking and diet can lead to Hypertension and high blood pressure. Great thing Green Coffee Been Extract can help fix that! Right?

I don’t have hypertension but I am sure it is only a matter of time before I show signs of it with my weight and lack of exercise.

Combat Weight Loss

weight-lossI know, I should have posted a picture of some skinny girl showing her fat pants. But when I think of weight loss, I think of eating salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On Green Coffee Bean Extract I can still eat the foods I like while losing weight. A Study showed participants lost 17 pounds!

My greens are going to come from the green coffee bean extract. I might have a banana for a snack and green beans with my steak but I am not having a salad without dressing.

Balance Blood Sugar

blood-sugarBlood Sugar imbalance is when you body does not handle glucose very well.  It is important to keep a balance in blood sugar so your cells don’t become exhausted and your body stops producing the amount of insulin you need to keep you in balance. Imbalance can lead to Diabetes.

The Study just released from ACS said this, “The evidence points to chlorogenic acids as the active ingredients in coffee that both prevent diabetes and improve glucose control in normal, pre-diabetic and diabetic people.”

Increase Energy

michael-pic-beanNope! I am not going to start going to the gym nor am I going to run around the block. I used to play basketball and softball when I was in the military, I was injured and I can no longer play either sport. With Green Coffee Bean Extract I can lose weight without having to go to the gym.  In just 22 weeks I can expect to lose at least 17 pounds without increased exercise or changing my diet according to reports.

I will let you know when I do exert myself, so if I did lose a little more weight we can chalk it up to exercise or walking the dogs. But who knows, maybe I can play a little one on one basketball again?

Doctor Recommended

acswebsiteWhile I have watched the Dr Oz show and I do believe he has some good stuff on his show, if you took all the pills he recommends you would be cramming pills down your throat all day. The latest is Saffron and raspberry keytone, he will even promote Hcg. So when I say doctors, I mean my doctor and the doctors who did the study from American Chemical Society.

If you have not already,check out the links provided for both studies. Print it out and take it to your doctor and ask him or her if you should give Green Coffee Bean Extract a try.